Saturday, April 21, 2012

illegal BN?? or who???

Media Statement by Howard Lee on 20th April 2012 at IPD Ipoh.

It has been brought to DAP’s attention that there are some information leaflets of a defamatory nature being circulated throughout Perak. There has been several issues over the last few months, are double-sided and in full colour of A3 size, in Chinese and carries the name ‘EXPRESS NEWS’. (快讯)

Furthermore, the said leaflets are in clear contravention of the Print, Press and Publications Act 1984 Part 5 which stipulates that every publication printed or published within Malaysia shall have printed legibly in Bahasa Malaysia or the English language on its first or last leaf the name and address of its printer and publisher. The contravention of this section on conviction, is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to both.

The said leaflets have allegedly reached the letterboxes of over 10000 households throughout Perak. The said leaflets also contains misleading and politically spun misrepresentations tantamount to political defamation of DAP and several of its leaders.

In one of the issues, an article makes a baseless accusation of Penang 2nd deputy chief Minster Professor Ramasamy as an appointment ‘in name but not in power’. This rings clear that those behind the dissemination and publication of the leaflets are doing so to incite racial hatred and social disharmony. DAP unequivocally condemns this backward and archaic social and political idealogy.

There was also an incident recently reported that a distributor of one of said leaflets in Ayer Tawar, was openly defaming the chairman and secretary of DAP Perak, calling them ‘Christian extremists’. This is completely unethical and unacceptable electioneering.

This is clear indication that there are certain quarters making an orchestrated and well funded effort in spreading lies to deceive the public. As Perakians have shown their eagerness and urgency to topple BN in the coming elections to return governing power to Pakatan Rakyat, these quarters are resorting to cowardly deceit and unlawful dissemination of information to discredit DAP.

Of late, DAP has been a victim of defamation, and been the subject of outright lies from both reputable as well as unknown publishers. With the imminent 13th General election touted to be as early as June, it would come as no surprise that the Perak BN would do everything they can to continue their illegitimate rule that they snatched from PR and the rakyat of Perak.

As the Election preparation director of DAP Perak, I am today launching a police report, urging the authorities to investigate the abovementioned offence. I would also like to issue the following:

· A challenge to all BN component parties, and their strategists and machinery to deny openly their hand directly or indirectly in this heinous electioneering campaign

· A challenge to all BN component parties to join DAP in openly condemning the dissemination of these leaflets and the messages within.

· A challenge to MCA and Gerakan to assure Perakians that they will not employ lowly tactics such as inciting racial tensions to achieve their political agenda.